Resource Recovery Melbourne

Resource Recovery is the selective process of reclaiming disposed materials for their specific next use. It involves collecting, sorting and processing materials which would have otherwise been dumped in landfill, and transforming them into the raw components used to create new products. Recycling and composting are the most common forms of resource recovery Melbourne wide.

The objective of resource recovery is always to make the best and highest use of all materials, and landfilling only those materials for which there is no next use. The team at Triple R Solutions strives to offer more than just traditional waste management solutions and are firm in their commitment to environmental sustainability and waste minimisation.
Furthermore, Triple R Solutions are also offering custom fabrication furniture, sourcing recovered materials.


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Benefits of Resource Recovery

In addition to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, resource recovery offers various environmental, economic and social benefits.

Environmental benefits include minimising:

  • Surface and groundwater contamination
  • Odour, dust, noise, litter
  • Impacts on flora and fauna
  • Greenhouse gas emissions

Economic benefits include:

  • Minimising the impact of increasing landfill costs and levies
  • Extends the life of Triple R Solutions’ Waste Management facility

Social benefits include:

  • Raising community awareness and interest in the importance of sustainable waste management


Our Process


Once you contact us, we will discuss your site’s specific requirements and materials you are looking to discard.


Based on the details you provide us, our team of professionals will allocate a specific number of bins of appropriate size.


Persons with access to your site will receive materials providing guidance and instruction regarding different materials and designated bins.


When the bins are full, your on-site representative will contact our team to organise collection and replacement (if needed) of specific bins.


The full bins are transported to our recycling facility where the materials are sorter further and then weighed.


Large loads within skip bins are then sent off for recycling to various centres across Melbourne and Victoria.

To organise professional Rubbish Removal Melbourne service, please contact Triple R Solutions by calling 1300 087 475 or emailing us via

We can then discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you may have. We will also be able to provide you with an accurate quote. Let’s work together to ensure the responsible removal of resources. We owe it to the generations ahead.